You’d think that after thirteen years of existence, YouTube would start running out of innovations. But the video streaming giant has proven time and time again it’s dominance as an online platform for those wanting to leverage on video content. Video is the medium of the future. We’re seeing more and more of the internet’s bandwidth being consumed by video.

Why is video content so effective? Well, for one, it’s experiential- meaning it brings to an audience an experience in a more visual and compelling way. On top of that, video can also be very entertaining when delivering value. Most people would rather watch a 5-minute video than go through a 5-minute read.

Any business can and should be leveraging on video content. It’s a powerful marketing tool that can provide a lot of good results for any brand whether big or small. One of the best ways to release videos is to get it on YouTube.

But YouTube is a forever evolving platform. Marketers and businessmen should be aware of the changes it’s going through. Here are three of the big changes we will start seeing this year that will greatly affect the way we market on YouTube.

Enhance Live Video Streaming

More and more, live video is a growing trend. Studies show that 82 percent prefer live video from a brand to social posts. YouTube, aside from Facebook and Instagram, is a service that leverages on live video. And YouTube plans to grow in that field. This year, YouTube will start enhancing on split screen experiences allowing for more interview-type content.

Just a few applications for YouTube live videos include in-house events, a webinar, a behind the scenes look into the backend of the business, and many others. The applications are endless as long as you’re creative in how you deliver content.

Build More Power On Hashtags

Next to Google, YouTube is the biggest search engine live today. In an effort to improve search features on the video streaming site, Google (YouTube’s mother company) will be developing hashtag searches. So as video creators, you should start maximising those hashtags on video descriptions and comments as early as now!

If you’re not yet doing hashtags on YouTube videos, now is the best time to start. Even though not many people are searching via hashtags, the feature is now available. It will only be a matter of time until users on YouTube start catching on!

Back To Television?

Yes, that’s right. Television is not dying. Why? Because TV manufacturers got smart and started adding YouTube apps to Smart TVs. Samsung just recently launched their sets to come with the YouTube TV app already installed when purchased.

YouTube marketers need to start thinking towards creating videos for television. That means videos must always now be uploaded in high resolution for TV. Moreover, businesses should start thinking towards targeting families again instead of just individuals when creating video content for YouTube.

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