It’s no secret that video as social content has been growing rapidly. It’s been a great tool for businesses to strengthen their brand on social media. It’s high time businesses started using video to strengthen their brands. Are you in?

Branding is a broad practice, but in a nutshell it all boils down to effectively communicating with your audience in a way that builds a positive image in their hearts and minds. As humans, we have an uncanny ability as a species to be perceptive about many things. The way we perceive things will determine how we react with them. Good branding is simply building a positive perception amongst your audience so they will respond to you in a positive way- a subscription, a follow or maybe even a purchase.

And video can be a great way of doing that. What is it about video that makes it a great way to strengthen your brand? Here are four of the main ways that video can help you build a great brand.

Video makes you more trustworthy

As per Kissmetrics, audiences are up to 85 percent more likely to purchase a product after watching a video. That’s because videos make audiences open up their doors to your brand. They are a great key to interactions, views and engagement. Video introduces people visually to what they’re buying into and shows people that go around the brand, which are only two of the dozens of ways a video can build rapport.

Video is the most engaging content on social

Not a lot of people like to read heavy amounts of written content. And not all people get really interested about infographics and quotes. But most people will stop dead on their tracks or their newsfeeds to watch a video. That’s because video is a great hook. Videos, when done right, are great tools to engage your audience. When done right, video content can engage a large following. We’ve been seeing this to be true, especially as we level up our skills with our ongoing training with Muse (Click here to learn more about our journey with them).

Video makes you more searchable

People love videos. But you know who else loves videos? Google bots. If you haven’t looked into search engine optimization as a business, it’s basically making sure that your content appears on search engines when people search for you. Videos are a great way of doing that. Getting videos on your website or simply starting a Youtube channel can help you make your brand more visible on one of the largest advertising sites existing today- Google.

Video conveys more information in a shorter time

One of the greatest things about video is how much time you get to save when you’re on them. It takes an average of 30 seconds to convey a strong and compelling case through videos (and sometimes even shorter than that). Blogs? They usually take about 3-5 minutes to consume. So in a world where time is the greatest commodity and everyone is in a rush to the next thing, video helps you get more information communicated in a short amount of time.

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Kiko Mabilog

Kiko is the Marketing Manager for Pluggas. He started Marketing early on and has consulted with various businesses in many industries including tourism, technology, banking, consumer goods, BPO and B2B. His skills include graphic design, web strategy, social media and business development.

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