It seems like the word branding is being thrown around a lot in the business world. Branding can encompass a great deal of things. In a nutshell, your brand is the image that people have of you- most especially your target market.

Building a good brand is important if you want your business to succeed. When your audience perceives you in a positive light, there’s a higher likelihood that your business will sell and consequently grow.

But how does one build a good brand? Well, that could be a really lengthy conversation. But here’s a good place to start- the identity of your business is always often tied up with the things that you do. So the kind of content you put out directly affects your company’s branding.

One of the best content to push out if you want to communicate your brand well is video. It’s engaging and high-value. Also, if done right, it can make your message stick. So you want to make sure you have videos that help build your brand. What kind? Here’s a quick list of three kinds of videos to have if you want to communicate your brand well.

Explainer Videos

This Amazon Go explainer video explains what the service offers and how it works

The first video you need to have is a short and catchy marketing video that highlights one or all of your service. It’s important to be clear about what value you have to offer and an explainer video is the best way to do that. Explainer videos should be between one to two minutes long and clearly showcase what your business does and why people need your product or service.

How This Helps Your Branding: Branding starts off in a non-trivial way. You need people to understand your business model and how your product works. Then it’s about showing them what’s unique about your business or product. Explainer videos can help you do both.

Origin Story Videos

The origin story of fashion brand Supreme in video

An origin story is slightly different from an explainer video in that it tells people the story of how your brand or business came to be. It takes people into the journey of how you came about the idea of providing the product or service you have today and the major milestones that you hit in the beginning.

How This Helps Your Branding: A great origin video is one that lets people see more than just how you started. It also brings them into why you started your business. Simon Sinek says “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.” So you also need to tell the why of your story. An origin story is often a good place to start.

Testimony Videos

A great testimony video example on Slack

A good brand is one that people can trust. Nothing works better in building a trustworthy brand than getting social proof. People will find your brand easier to trust and consequently try your product or service when you have people throwing in a good word for you. Making video testimonies can be a powerful way of doing that.

How This Helps Your Branding: Social proof has worked since the beginning to time. It’s the reason why word of mouth and referrals work. When word gets out about you and the quality you offer, your business will go viral. Social proof videos in the form of testimonies can help accelerate that process if done right.

In case you need help getting any of these videos done, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We are more than willing to help you make any of these three videos or any other videos that you might need.

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