Values are what drive and motivate us human beings. Sadly, too many leaders today settle for communicating the “what.” We’re so great at telling people what they should do, what they should buy, what they should click and so on. But when was the last time you communicated your “why?”

A values story is one of the non-negotiables if you want to build trust with people. It’s a story that shares the things that drive your organisation, brand or business. Think about Apple. Their “what” will comprise of many things- Macbooks, iMacs, iPhones, the Apple Store. But their “why” is clear- they want to innovate. There are many reasons why your “why” needs to be compelling and why you need to have a powerful values story today. Here are three of the top reasons why you should start telling your values story.

Values Connect You to the Right People 

Not all people have the same values. Our goal in life should be to find those whose “why” matches with ours and connect with them. We can use compelling stories that communicate our “why” to do this. Create a film and post it on social media. Call out those people whose values align with yours to become your customers, partners, supporters or community members.

Find people who will champion your cause because your principles match. You’ll run a whole lot faster when you know that people you are running with are heading the same direction.

Values Filter Out People Who Don’t Fit

Ever had to fire an employee who didn’t get it? Or deal with a client who was a hard case? Chances are, you didn’t make “why” clear from the beginning and you on-boarded the wrong people. Compelling stories minimise instances like that. Make your principles gatekeepers to your brand and mission.

Not everyone will be a fit for your company or organisation. It’s best always to work with people who will run the course with your principles. Moreso, it’s healthier to part ways with those whose values don’t align with yours. That doesn’t mean you should only work with people who think exactly like you. But there must be non-negotiable values that you must uphold and champion.

Values Drive You when You Want to Give Up

Ever felt like giving up? A compelling values story can be that boost of energy when you want to shut down your business or movement. There will always come a time where our motivation is low. But when you remind yourself of why you do what you do and what value you are trying to achieve, you charge yourself up to keep going.

How else do your principles build up your brand or business? I’m sure there are a lot of ways. But these are some of the most vital. When all has been said and done, what we know for sure is that storytelling matters because it reminds us of why we do things. Not only what we should and shouldn’t do.



Director & Cinematographer, Fisch Rasy's love of storytelling inspires him to create powerful films. Sometimes dad duties spill over onto onset, where he's been known to give the kids a real hands on experience...

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