May 15, 2017

4 Keys To Creating Successful Videos For Social Media

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More and more, video is becoming the new staple content on social media. In such a short time we’ve seen smartphones that can capture HD videos, platforms like Snapchat and services like Facebook Live. If you’re a person or brand not using video for on your social media, you’re missing out on a whole lot.

While video is an urgent need for practically any business today, there is a right way and a wrong way to produce and release video content.

The latest business trend is creating crafty and creative video content on Social Media to relay messages, promote products and tell stories. At Pluggas, that’s an obsession we sort of have. We believe that videos have an art and science that if maximised can really convert into brand awareness and even sales for your business.

While video is an urgent need for practically any business today, there is a right way and a wrong way to produce and release video content. Here are four important keys to making successful video content for social media.

1. Relevance To The Audience

I’ve quoted Gary Vaynerchuk many times before- “Content is king. Context is god.” More important than just having content for the sake of having content is creating content that your audience can relate to. If you’re making videos for grandparents to watch, a hyperactive and cartoonish treatment with kiddie messages won’t make the cut. Our videos must be something our target audience can relate to.

2. Appropriate Length

There’s an ongoing debate on how long videos should be. Some might say fifteen seconds. Others might say five minutes. But more important than the exact numbers is the number necessary to get the message across and the platform it goes into. YouTube, for instance, might allow for longer videos than Facebook or Instagram might. Another example would be to create longer videos for the purposes of doing an online course or training as compared to an advertising video.

3. Unique Style

Function is an important factor in video production and marketing, but so is form. If function is the skeleton that puts your video in place, style is the packaging that catches the attention of your audience. With attention spans shrinking by the month, the challenge will always be to be eye-catching, and style helps you do that.

4. Clear Message

No matter how nice your style is, how relevant the story may be or how appropriate the length might be, a video without a clear message will not convert. How soon should the videos message be made clear? As soon as possible. This can be achieved not only through the preparation of the video but also making sure that copies for your social media captions support the message you want to send through your video content.



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