There’s one part of your Facebook page that doesn’t get much attention: the about section. It’s something we set up- sometimes incompletely- upon sign up and never revisit. But it’s surprising how helpful a complete about section is in telling your story on social media.

Michael Hyatt shares how his about page was one of the top ten most visited sections of his site. There’s no reason to believe that the about page of your Facebook page is any less important.

About pages are important when building a social following. The more people know about you the easier they will find it to trust in your brand. And there’s one section on your about page that can help you do that. That’s the “Story” area or what was once known as the long description.

The Story Section On Your Facebook Pages’ About Page

The “Story” area is a section on your about page that allows you to share in detail the story of your brand or business. It’s a great way to share an unabridged storyline of where your unique value came from and how it came to be. We’ve worked on our own story area and you can check it out here.

Here are of the things that you can detail on the My Story section of your Facebook page:

  • The origins of your brand
  • Where you got your award winning concept
  • Your product or service and what’s valuable about it
  • The differentiating factor of your brand or service
  • The vision of the people behind the company
  • Contact details and how to reach you
  • Details on how to get a hold of your product or service

What’s more is that Facebook has now expanded the way you can use the My Story section of your Facebook Page. Now you can add headers, bullet points and even images to better tell the story of your brand or business to your audience.

How A Complete About Section Helps Your Brand Story

How many of us can say that this was one part that we skipped when setting up a Facebook page for your company? We assume that because it’s a “long” description that people won’t bother to read it. But people want to know more about you and your brand.

The newsfeed isn’t always a good place to introduce your brand or business as a whole. Snippets of content will not always come together as one jigsaw piece for everyone. People need a more accessible means of reading more about your company. Especially if you don’t have a website of your own.

That’s where the My Story area becomes helpful. What does your My Story section look like now? Is it empty, half done or not well thought of? I hope you take time this week to fill out that section with valuable content.

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Kiko Mabilog

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