What is your vision?

Have you asked yourself that question yet? If you haven’t yet, then I hope this blog can give you the inspiration to start asking yourself that today. And if you have, then keep reading so that you’ll be inspired to keep up the good work!

What is vision anyways? Simply put, it’s a picture of where you would like to find yourself and/or a group who follows you in. It’s a look into the future, and has to do with your deepest desires and what connects you to that desire. Everyone has a vision of where they want to be, but for some, it might not be as clear and compelling.

If you want to tell great stories then you have to have a powerful and clear vision. Why? Because the reality is that your desire will always meet conflict. A challenge that stops or slows you down from reaching your goals. And a clear vision can help you get past those challenges. When we do this, three powerful things will happen to you and your story.

Vision makes people go further faster

If you’re extremely nearsighted, it should be close to impossible to drive through a dimly lit freeway at a hundred miles an hour. Why? Because you don’t know what’s ahead of you. Likewise, having no clear vision of where you want to be proverbially in life will slow you down. But when you see clearly, you can move a whole lot faster.

Moreover, when you share a story with a vision, you can convince and inspire not just yourself, but people in your group, community or organisation to move faster and go further in your mission as well.

It creates excitement

A story will spur people into motion primarily through inspiration. People who see your vision can and will be inspired if it’s clear and compelling. At the core of every human being is a desire to inspire others. It just makes us feel so much better when we live a life that inspires.

The number one thing you have that will inspire others is a powerful story. So if you want to inspire people around you, make your vision clear and compelling.

It hits people where it matters most

You know where that is? It’s in the heart. We are emotional beings. That’s why we’re drawn to a film that is so clear in communicating a desire to an audience. Because we start to feel- not just know- what your character wants and just how bad he or she wants it.

That matters because we all know what it’s like to desire something. And to experience that desire in others reaches into our should and touches our emotions. When you make your vision clear as you tell your story, you don’t just inform your audience. You connect with them.



Director & Cinematographer, Fisch Rasy's love of storytelling inspires him to create powerful films. Sometimes dad duties spill over onto onset, where he's been known to give the kids a real hands on experience...

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