December 25, 2017

Pluggas Highlights of 2017 and How You were a Part of It

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This year was definitely a year for the books for our team at Pluggas. We saw a fair share of challenges and a whole lot of wins as well. 2017 was full of great stories worth telling and sharing. And we’d like to share some of the best things that happened this year and how you were a part of it.

We at Pluggas love telling stories through video and helping businesses succeed. We’ve merged those two passions to create a business model that allows us to connect with a lot of great people. In the process, we’ve help them share their ideas to the world.

But, it’s not always easy. Like any other business, there are challenges. But we were able to get through those challenges because of some breaks throughout the year. Those became good driving forces for us to stay on track. Here are a few of them:

1. A Great Team

Pluggas Team
Meet the Pluggas On Shore and Off Shore Team!

It took us a while. But we’ve developed a team with great individual talent and collective chemistry. It’s no secret that Pluggas operates with an offshore team based in the Philippines we’ve been trying to set up. And in the last year we’ve connected with some great remote talent and some awesome local talent as well.

We’ve lost some people along the way, but we’ve gained great team members in the process. And together we’ve been pumping out great stories and content that has caught the attention of many.

2. Wonderful Stories

We’ve been taking and making a lot of videos of individuals and groups. We’ve told their stories and shared it on our social platforms and people have taken notice. Businesses have told us how much positive impact our work has brought to them. But it’s their inspiring stories that drive the traffic and recognition. We’ve heard great stories from the Bundaberg and Byron Bay area that will definitely stick around for a very long time.

3. Building Communities

And behind all those amazing stories were beautiful people and communities who we had the privilege of seeing first-hand. We’ve been to bazaars, shows, gatherings, talks and simple get togethers where communal interests thrived. Where people became better people in the presence of other people.

4. Amazing Clients and Partners

We’ve built great partnerships with clients and co-suppliers. These networks will help us push forward in our mission to become great story tellers in the digital atmosphere. And we return the favour by bringing great results for our clients too. We also partner with more people in the field to uplift the creative marketing industry in the local area.

5. A Ton of Improvement

One of the most excruciating yet fun parts of the year was all the growth that happened. We’ve acquired a lot of knowledge this year, both technical and soft. On top of that we’ve acquired a whole lot of gear and equipment as well. We’re getting better and we don’t intend to stop getting better because the more we grow the more people we get to help through our passion and craft.

Here’s To A Better Pluggas and An Even Better 2018!

We in the team believe that 2017 was a great year. And you were all a tremendous help to making this year spectacular. We hope that we have brought value to you as well through the content we put out and the stories that we tell. In the light of Christmas spirit, we want to say thank you to you all for being such awesome people. 

Here’s to a better 2018 for us all! This is going to be our year!

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