Crazy rain and flash flooding didn’t keep these kids away.

The Myriad festival was a real off and on affair, but we walked away with some great take aways.

Rain or Shine People Love to Talk Business

The thing is anyone that runs a business will tell you it’s tough to get yourself out there. So when an opportunity arises they are damn sure going to take it.

So when we find ourselves in a tough time or we have set backs, it’s important for us to continue to seek those opportunities, because our competition certainly is.

People go to great lengths to get a little bit ahead so if you’re like us you’ll be looking for those opportunities to assist them and work together. And because we’re all about collaboration people see us as partners not as competitors.

Advance Queensland is Increasing it’s Funding For Start Ups

Now for some of the juicy stuff. After some lengthy chats with the people from Advance Queensland and the Federal funding representatives we’ve found an awesome discovery.

Advance Queensland has such a great response from the ignite fund and similar programs but it’s also incredibly competitive. Apparently the programs just work and they want to see more and more Queensland businesses get up and running. So they are now increasing the funding. The word on the street (though just a rumour) is that they are more than doubling it.

So put a project idea together and look out for your chance to score some funding.

Here’s a handy chart they gave me to think about when and where your business fits into a funding application. Advance Queensland grants on the top and Federal grants on the bottom.


Co-Working is the Future

One of the talks we were at they was a whole heap of positive vibes thrown out about co-working. Around 80% of new businesses get started in a co-working space and why not when you think about it.

Nearly everyone can reduce their office space and make big savings just by thinking differently about how they work.

When you’re starting up bottom dollar is a huge factor and that’s a big advantage of co-working. Having a space away from home with internet, printing and meeting rooms, means you can save yourself.

We have a great new co-working space in Bundaberg and I have to say it’s one of the best in Australia. The people are awesome, the space is huge and it’s already making a big impact in our community. If you haven’t heard of the Generator yet check em out.

What Does Meatloaf Have to do With Innovation

I was at one talk and the presenter flashed up a slide. It was a pie chart, ‘Things Meatloaf Would Do For Love’.

There was “Anything” (which was the whole chart) and “That”

It got me thinking, when you love what you do, you’ll do anything.

I mean if you take my journey I never thought I would end up running a video production house in Bundaberg, but I love helping businesses grow and video is really the best medium I see to grow your business.

So when you love what you do just let it take you where ever your end up. And none of that “if you love what you do then you’ll never work a day in your life” crap. Find a way to make your love profitable and find a way to help other people, those are the keys to really a successful business. Because you’re in business to be successful not scraping by until you die, because being successful means you can help more people!!


Big thanks to Andrew Beckenhauer and our friends at the Bundaberg Regional Council for selecting us as one of the 6 businesses to represent our region. We really appreciated the opportunity and we got a lot out of it.

Even Lilly made it in 🙂



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