August 21, 2017

Maximizing Facebook Ads By Getting Your Money’s Worth

by Kiko Mabilog in BUsiness, Marketing0 Comments

Once upon a time, businesses who wanted to advertise on channels that reached millions had to spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to produce content and put it out across a wide channel. Television, radio and big events were the medium.

But today things are way different. You can now put your message out to the same following for a great fraction of that spend. How? Two words: Facebook Advertising. The social media platform has become one of the biggest marketing opportunities to date. And ever since Mark Zuckerberg decided that sponsored posts would exist, marketing has changed by a whole lot.

Paid advertising on Facebook is a wonder for small businesses. You can now reach thousands with as little as a few hundred dollars of advertising budget. Creating ads on Facebook is super easy. Anyone can do it, but here’s the challenge- not everyone does it right.

Boosting ads and just pushing them up with a few dollars isn’t enough. Yes it will get you views and clicks but we can do so much more than that. You can actually convert a click to a subscription, a like or even a sale. So how does one accomplish that? Here are four tips to really get your money’s worth on Facebook ads by doing boosted advertisements on Facebook right.

Give value

It’s not enough to just let people know about who you are and what service you provide. The social media realm operates on value given. People come to Facebook to search for value before they give it. So if you want to be heard, noticed and even patronized, generosity is key. Some ways you can do this is by providing free and valuable content and knowledge related to your service or product, giving coupon discounts, telling a great story or giving people a contest to join.

Work on your call to action

Giving value is the first step to making your ads work. People usually first ask the question, “what’s in it for me?” The next question people usually ask after that is, “what do I do next?” People love to be instructed and directed. We do that in marketing by giving clear singular and simple calls to action. A call to action is a step we want people to take after getting something of value. It can be coming to an event, following us on social media, subscribing to an email list or even purchasing a product.

Keep message on visuals clear and concise

One common complaint we hear a lot on Facebook ads is the limitation on the graphics. Facebook only allows images that have no more than 20 percent text on the image. There’s a good reason behind that. That’s because users on Facebook don’t want to read novels! Keep your text minimal by being short, simple, catchy and clear.

Target well

One feature on Facebook ads you should be depending heavily on is targeting people. Since spending is done per click, you want to make sure that the right people are clicking. So be specific about who you want to see their ads. Place demographic parameters such as age, location, interests and so on.


Kiko Mabilog

Kiko is the Marketing Manager for Pluggas. He started Marketing early on and has consulted with various businesses in many industries including tourism, technology, banking, consumer goods, BPO and B2B. His skills include graphic design, web strategy, social media and business development.

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