Live streaming is not just easy but it’s also a great way to interact with your target audience. If you’ve been planning on trying out Facebook Live or other live streaming services for your brand for some time now, you’re definitely on the right track. Or maybe you’ve been doing it for a while now and you want to improve on it further.

Whichever one of those two people you are, live streaming on video works wonders for a brand most especially when done well. With live streaming, you can showcase your skills live, walk people through backstage affairs and so much more.

In this article, you’ll learn five simple and one-hundred percent applicable tips to start or improve the way you use live stream videos for your brand or business.

Secure strong internet connection

Nothing sucks more than a Facebook Live video that keeps lagging and hangings. This may sound elementary for us, but sometimes people forget to check bandwidth or cellular signals in places they intend to do videos and end up regretting it in the first five minutes onwards during their live stream. If you can remain stationary while shooting live, it’s best to connect via ethernet cable.

Interact with your audience

There’s a reason why there’s a comment box on Live Stream. Facebook- a highly experienced media company- knows that interaction is key to great content, and we should know that too. Giving your audiences the power to ask questions, talk to you or to each other can impact your live stream in so many ways.

Build up hype ahead of time

I know how wonderful it is that you can just start a Facebook Live video almost anytime and anywhere with ease. But that doesn’t mean that you should. Just like any event, a live stream is always best executed when you’ve promoted it well. The live viewers make a big chunk of your viewers. Thus, you want to make sure as many people as possible watch it live.

Practice makes (almost) perfect

One of the downsides of live streams is that there are never any second takes. Whatever you say or do on video is final and irrefutable. So you want to make sure that you practice your scripts, spiels and messages. You may also want to learn a thing or two about creating DIY videos on your own as well since most live videos are self-produced.

Measure results

Facebook has added great ways to measure your results after every live video. This gives you the opportunity to measure results and find out what you did right, what you did wrong and what you can do better. Analytics assure that when time comes that you do a live video again, you can do it better than the last time.



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