April 3, 2017

How to create videos for your landing page that will make others jealous

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Videos are a gift from the marketing gods to the world. It has opened up a realm of interaction and value delivery for businesses to customers and viewers. If you don’t have a video for your business then chances are your company is missing out on a lot of opportunities.

One of the most important video applications your business should have is on a landing page of your company website. The number one question people have when coming to a website is “can I trust this brand?” and video has been proven to build that level of brand trust by putting a face to a company.

Making videos for your landing pages is extremely important, but it’s also crucial that we do it right. How do we come up with landing page videos that really convert for your business? Here are four great and simple practices to making landing page videos that get things done for your brand.

1. Speak of people’s problems and the solution you have

The one thing people always have in mind is their problems. You ask anyone what challenge they’re facing and they’ll know what to answer right away. Many times people come to your landing page with an idea of what kind of solution you offer but they just aren’t convinced you’re the answer to their prayers. Taking the first few seconds in your video to empathize with people by convincing them you know what they’re going through is the first best step to making landing page videos that convert.

2. Be clear about your value proposition

So what do you truly have to offer and how does it work? Please, don’t answer “world peace” (unless you’re a beauty pageant candidate promoting online). For people to know whether they want to take the next step of subscribing to your email, booking a meeting or buying a product, they value proposition must be clear. Also, don’t just focus on what you sell. Talk about how your product or service really adds value to people.

3. Put a face in your landing page video

There’s something about human brains that it just becomes so hard to trust something or someone when there’s no face on it. That’s why explainer interviews are so effective. People want to see the face behind a brand. You rarely see advertisements that don’t have models, endorsers, mascots or any form of personality. That’s because people trust brands that have a face.

4. Give a call to action

Many times people will know they need you but not necessarily what to do next to avail of your product or service. Hence we must be clear about what specific call to action we want people to do. And when coming up with a call to action, one singular action is always best. Don’t give your viewers ten things to do in the next two weeks for you.



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