April 1, 2021

Invest Fraser Coast

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Created for the Fraser Coast Regional Council

Produced By Pluggas

Project Brief

The Invest Fraser Coast Campaign took the Pluggas team all across the region, visiting businesses across all industries and seeing the amazing variety of things to do on the Fraser Coast. 

These films are now crucial materials for attracting talent to the region in order to drive commercial investment and migration. 


Social Media

Director: Sabrina Dervis
Producer: Zena Morrison

Director of Photography: Fisch Rasy
Editor: Joel Fletcher

Pluggas created a highly engaging series of promotional films which we are using to help local businesses attract talented professionals and promote our region across Australia. They managed the entire production process, keeping us regularly updated as the project evolved. In particular, we were impressed by their synthesis of creative vision and rigorous research which ensured that they were able to find genuine, engaging characters for our series.

Tristan Cartmel Fraser Coast Council

Behind The Scenes



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