The social media atmosphere has shifted to a video-lead momentum, and one way that’s obvious is the power of Facebook video. In English? People want to see more video on social media than they do other pieces of content. Remember the days when text or picture ruled the internet? Well those days are long past gone.

That doesn’t mean that brands shouldn’t post images and have great written content. Those are definitely still important no doubt. But not nearly as important as having great video content and driving as much traffic into your videos as possible.

At Pluggas, we have always believed in the power of video. That’s why we love it. Video has the ability to tell a story in an interactive and entertaining way. But the challenge we faced early on was driving traffic into the videos. No matter how good your videos are, if no one watches it it goes to waste.

How does one drive traffic into your Facebook video? After months of steady increase and now having videos that get views in the tens of thousands on Facebook, here are some of the strategies that worked best for us.

Make the storyline clear

No one likes a story that has no clear point. Clarity is important in communicating a story that will compel people. One of the best ways to building a clear storyline is to always come up with a storyboard before shooting, editing and launching your videos. Effective storytelling will assure that people will watch your video until the end and even share your content with others to maximize views on your Facebook video.

Give a call to action

After watching a video, what’s the next action people usually take? Two things they will usually do: Close your video and move on to the next piece of content. As great as it is that people get to the end of our video (which is a feat on its own), we also want people to share your content, tag someone in the comments section or anything that will get someone else to watch your video. How do we do that? Simple. Ask. Give one clear call to action to people who watch your video to either share or tag people they know in the comment section.

Leverage on Facebook Live

One of the most viewed pieces of content on social media is live Facebook video. People like watching things as they happen because being current is a great psychological drug. On top of that, Facebook puts an emphasis on notifications by pushing out to people who follow you or is in your contact list a prompt that you’re on live video.

Put subtitles or text on the video

Here’s a sample of one of our videos with some subtitles.

Most videos are watched without sound because of the autoplay feature on your newsfeed. So what implication does that have? People will not readily get your message with visuals alone. They will either need to listen to audio or read text format. Adding subtitles is something we regularly do at Pluggas and it’s served us well. Our views have increased tremendously ever since we started doing that.

Do you want to see some of our videos and catch some more insights on how to leverage on creating and using video on Facebook? Go ahead and like us on Facebook, and watch some of our videos!

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