December 11, 2017

Last Minute Advertising Ideas For Christmas That You Can Easily Do

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Christmas is fast approaching. As business owners, you’ll definitely want to cash in on the holiday season! It’s no secret that spending goes up during the Christmas holidays. This season is a great time for everyone because of all the festivities and celebrations. And it’s great news for businesses as well! If you serve food, sell clothes, do creative work, make crafts and so on, chances are you can do some form of promotion to increase your sales this month.

And I’m sure you’ve already done a thing or two to bring value to your customers during the holidays. But maybe you’ve run out of ideas for specials. Maybe you’ve done them all and you’re wanting to do some more. If you’re still looking for more advertising ideas to do, then I’ve got just the list for you. Here’s a list of five last-minute advertising ideas for the Christmas season you can easily execute.

Do Mystery Prizes

Come Christmas, we’ll all be wishing for one thing- surprises. Gifts, candy canes, cookies and so on. Why? Because Christmas is about giving even when people don’t expect it. So as a business, why not join the celebration by practicing generosity and giving prizes to a few lucky souls?

Give Christmas Coupons on Gift Items

Nothing spells Christmas like Christmas coupons! Whether it’s five or fifty percent off, people will love to know that you have a coupon or two as a give away for the Christmas season. What’s more is that it’s likely you’ll have a few people in your network still looking to do some last minute shopping on Christmas week or the week before it. And don’t forget New Year as well! People will still be spending then.

Make A DIY Holiday Video Greeting

Those few idle hours on the afternoon of the twenty-fourth or morning of the day itself, people will be scrolling through social feeds. What would be more simple and special than a quick video greeting from you to your loyalist followers or even non-followers? In the spirit of all the greetings, you can get in tune and do so online with a simple video greeting.

Brand Your Social Media With Christmas Themes


Facebook profile images, cover photos, pinned posts and maybe even a few graphics are due to come out this month. Have you tweaked them to go with a Christmas theme?

It won’t take a lot of time to make two or three posts plus a few cover photos with a Christmas theme. You can easily do this with a few stock photos and Canva if you’re short on budget. Or you can hire a local graphic designer if you have a few dollars to spend.

Do Personalized Greetings To Patrons

Maybe you want to step it up a bit and do personalised greetings for people who have really supported your business this year. A special e-card or even a quick video greeting them will make them feel valued and prep them for even more business come 2018. What’s twenty to fifty neat E-cards or ten-second videos if it builds more rapport with your loyal customers?

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