March 6, 2017

Product Education Through Video: How Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Uses Video To Bring Premium To Their Product

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The quality of a product can speak volumes for your company a lot of the times. Sadly, it doesn’t do so all of the time. Business competition is becoming harder and harder for businesses to knock down nowadays. With the growth of so many different players in various industries, making a mark in the market could have never been harder.

That’s the challenge that Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Pty Ltd had when entering into newer markets. Started in 1960 in Queensland, Australia by the Fleming Family, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks (BBD) became a strong force in the local market and soon took over as one of Australia’s most well known drink producers. In 2006, BBD took their quality to various markets as they started exporting. Today they now export to up to 32 different countries.

But how can a company who spent 46 years cooped up in one location compete in the global market? The iconic trademark drink of BBD is their Ginger Beer, which is known for it’s great quality and almost non-commercial flavor. To convince buyers of that quality, BBD had to prove it. One way they did so is through the use of video to educate their target market about the quality of the product.

Under The Hood

The best way to show quality is to show people under the hood and give them a glimpse of how the product is made. That’s what Bundaberg Brewed Drinks did by launching two videos of interviews of staff telling people why Bundaberg Ginger Beer is better.

Here are those two videos.

The Winner Statement: “When it comes down to technology against an old age recipe, the old age recipe is going to win hands down.”

“Flip it. Trust Us.”

One of the best ways to appreciate Bundaberg drinks is to flip it for five seconds before drinking. Because BBD’s drinks are still made traditionally, the ingredients can settle faster than usual beers and soft drinks. But to take that small step of flipping it will make all the difference in the experience.

To educate consumers of this small step, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks released various video materials alongside some photos, still graphics and print ads to promote that small aspect.

Here are just a few examples:

This is what Bundaberg Brewed Drinks did on their Instagram account as a means to educate the market into how to make the most out of their drinks.

Flip it. Trust us #dontdropit #mixit #flipripsip #realingredients #pineapple #coconut #keepitinyourhand #bundaberg

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Bundaberg Brewed drinks also put out a few ads on YouTube that racked up some serious traffic (two videos gaining over 16,000 views each) to educate markets to flip the drink before drinking to make the most out of the traditionally made drink.

This video shows flipping the drink as an opening ritual to upgrade the experience.

“Upgrade Your _____________”

Just a few weeks ago, BBD started releasing videos that package Bundaberg Ginger Beer as an “upgrade.” Because BBD’s Ginger Beer is made with top quality, the experience can be a notch better than others.

While Bundaberg Ginger Beer’s pricing might be a bit higher than usual (a pack of Four usually going for $19.99 on average globally- almost double the average beer price), it’s only because the quality is much better than more commercially-made factory-manufactured drinks.

Here are some of their videos that was added recently to their Facebook page, which seemingly might have been boosted through Facebook Advertising a few times.

In total, BBD is a good example of using video to educate markets to further build brand awareness and also brand trust. Consumers are getting smarter because of the growth of technology. Gone are the days that people just look at ads and buy. They want depth and content with their ads delivered in the shortest time possible. BBD’s video materials to educate markets is a trademark that businesses can follow.


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