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Confirmation Bias: The Enemy of Accurate and Powerful Plot

Getting the facts right is an important part of powerful storytelling. In a day and age where anyone and everyone can tell a story on a platform as large as social media or the internet as a whole, the truth is becoming less common. Fake news is becoming rampant and it’s causing a lot of […]

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Our First Zero-Revision Project and How It’s Rocking the Local Community

I was sitting in the room across Bree and Scott. We were discussing a film we wanted to create on the story of our local producers. Everything we had in mind was workable. There was definitely a story worth telling and we were excited to capture and tell it through a film. But there was a […]

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One Development that Makes the Most Impact in Film

What is the key to a great film? We’ve made it very clear that for us it’s the story that delivers the most in terms of outcome for the storyteller and value given to the audience. Whether you’re a business marketing your new product or an innovator with an idea that will change the world, […]

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Value-Adding Benefits of Communicating Your Objection Story

Objection stories are all around us. You might not be aware of it, but you have some objections stories of your own as well, whether you’ve been telling it or keeping it inside all this time. Objection stories are tools that help make people around you aware of a problem or issue that you would […]

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Why Leadership is the Cornerstone to A Great Team

When creating a great film team, or any team for that matter, one factor is foundational- the leadership. I say leadership and not management because having a leader isn’t the same as having strong management. There are a lot of project managers out there today but not a whole lot of leaders. And at the […]

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Powerful stories

Creating Powerful Stories out of the Most Mundane Details

The world needs powerful stories. They’re not just glam bits and pieces that make a business look more premium. While that’s one of the outcomes (and one of the only ones most filmmakers focus on), there is so much more benefits that story can bring. It can inspire action, motivate staff, increase awareness and even […]

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How to Turn a Conflict Into a Powerful Story

Conflict. Everyone has it. And every story needs it. It’s a perfectly common phenomenon that we all experience. That’s why stories with conflict sell- deep down inside we know that we can relate with the conflict that the characters are going through. A masterful storyteller is someone who can identify conflict and use it to […]

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What A Clear and Powerful Vision Can do for Your Story

What is your vision? Have you asked yourself that question yet? If you haven’t yet, then I hope this blog can give you the inspiration to start asking yourself that today. And if you have, then keep reading so that you’ll be inspired to keep up the good work! What is vision anyways? Simply put, […]

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Telling Stories that will Connect with Your Audience

Stories are powerful tools. When they connect with an audience, it can move people into action, go viral and start a revolution or even change the face of a community or society. No matter what sphere you are in, you need to master the art of storytelling if you want to become successful. You might […]

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Building a Strong Hook To Your Story

Everyone in the world today is dying to have their story heard. The business trying to market its products. The startup trying to get funding. The non-profit looking to get donors. That new neighbour trying to make new friends. We all want to tell our story. But in a world filled with distractions, it can […]

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