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Sunshine Coast Film Makers Making REAL Films

We want more filmmakers and more serious work on the coast, so we’re genuinely committed to the development of our industry here. I think the responsibility of growing our industry locally rests in our hands. So it’s time to get busy! #ShowdownShortFilm Recently we brought together our local screen professionals to do a film intensive […]

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My New Favourite Angle- The Selfie

Generally, there just isn’t a good time to be “that guy.” You know. The one that whips out the camera and does a selfie. It just seems so egocentric and self-serving. But, in my opinion, that’s just because it’s a powerful tool used wrong. I want to share how we used it on a recent […]

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How to Change the Lives of Your Audience Through Storytelling

“Let me tell you a story.” When you hear those six words, you’re hooked. What is it about a good story that draws us to it so easily? Some might say it’s because they’re so entertaining. Others might think that it’s in our nature to want to know what’s going on in someone else’s life.. […]

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The Kind of Storytelling That Makes an Impact: An Extensive Guide

Storytelling is growing to be one of the most essential parts of making an impact. If you have a great product, a wonderful team, a wonderful cause, but are without a compelling and clear story, you will still struggle to get a breakthrough. The power of a great and compelling story is unlike any other. […]

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How Passion Turns The Ordinary to Something Extraordinary

What is Beer? The answer should be obvious right? It’s a drink. What else would it be? But, you see, the answer might be different if you ask someone like Simon. To more and more people in the Sunshine Coast area today, Beer has become what Coffee is to generally the whole world. Most especially […]

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The First Story We Made That Everyone Saw

“Every single day, do one little thing to making your dreams a reality.” We first heard those words from Matt Grills, a business owner and marathoner from Bargara. He shared that nugget of wisdom in what was our first ever story. Looking back, the story of Matt Grills and The Journey Bargara was key to […]

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From Family Business to Global Enterprise- Why An Origin Story Matters

Origin stories are powerful in that they build authenticity and trustworthiness to your brand. Showing your roots has more benefits to your message than you think. Not having an origin story is like building a structure without a foundation.  We recently did a brand story for Macadamia Australia, an Australia-based family enterprise. What drew us to […]

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How to Become So Good at Something Clients will Chase After You

Many times for people in the creatives industry, it feels like we’re chasing after clients a whole lot of the times. But then we see those companies that have clients chasing after them instead of the other way around. What is it about them that make businesses like those stand out? We’ve been working with […]

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The World Needs More Positive Stories

We believe that not all messages out there are worth our attention. Useless junk fill media, news and social platforms. These add no real value to us. Fake news, negativity and hate messages. They’re not something that people need. We need to be unearthing stories that are more valuable. And yet, in the same breath, […]

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Music Out of Mayhem | Unearthed Stories : Walton Guitars

Historically, guitars have been mostly made by big brands like Gibson, Yamaha, Fender, Epiphany and so on. Behind the scenes, there’s a small revolution growing of amazing Luthiers who don’t just make guitars for the sake of making them. They make them because of passion and a love of music that can impact the soul. […]

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