Objection stories are all around us. You might not be aware of it, but you have some objections stories of your own as well, whether you’ve been telling it or keeping it inside all this time. Objection stories are tools that help make people around you aware of a problem or issue that you would like to see solved in this world.

Sometimes these stories have been correlated with complaining. They’re far from the same. The main difference is the impact that both will have. Complaining usually leaves no impact or even negative ones. It comes out of an attitude that just wants to be cynical. This kind of story, however, is powered by the desire to see change happen. Objection stories tackle an issue head-on and call people to action against it.

Objections have some great effects on us and our communities. Here are a few of the powerful and value-adding benefits of telling your objection story.

You are reminded of your why

Our why is closely connected to our objections. That’s because many missions are motivated when pioneers see a need and find ways to answer that need. One of the causes that really comes to mind is the legendary non-profit Charity:Water started by Scott Harrison.

Fueled by a big why, Scott raises money to provide water in developing countries not just for the sake of water, but the many impacts it has on the community. But at the heart of Charity:Water is a strong objection- the harmful effects of having access to inconvenient and dirty supplies of water. What is your “why”? You’ll find out that it is highly connected to objections that you hold strongly against.

People become aware of the real issue

Many times the reason why people don’t act against your objections is that they aren’t aware of the real issue. Telling a strong objection story educates people on the real issues that are under our nose but are just not put in the spotlight.

You’ve probably seen a strong objection story on social media lately. A story on the effects of plastics on water, global warming, child trafficking, depression and so on. These are all powerful ways to make you and the whole social media ecosphere of all the issues that are there but whose scale and effects we aren’t aware of.

We are all called into action against an objection

The bottom line of an objection story is not just to complain. It’s to spur people to action. That’s why a big jab is a key to a powerful objection story. When that is present, you have a tool that will mobilise people into action.

In history, great stories moved people into action. A great example would be Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech that painted a strong objection story against racism and apartheid in the West. What is your objection story and how can you call people into action?



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