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About Pluggas

Through our close family of producers, directors, cinematographers, post-production wizards & so importantly, our emerging young talent, we produce TV commercials, documentaries, brand films, digital video brochures & a whole bunch more. We listen, we consider, we propose, then we listen some more. Discovery is centric to a powerful outcome for all.

We work on international campaigns for brands like Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, and make corporate documentaries that TV channels actually buy, such as “A Woman’s Calling”.

Our Team

Fisch Rasy


Retired Special Forces Soldier, Fisch started his filmmaking journey with nothing more than a broken camera and a $15k debt.

Sabby Dervis

Creative Director

Escaping her childhood home in Switzerland, Sabby found a new found passion in crafting beautiful films.

Joel Fletcher

Lead Editor

A lifelong obsession with computers & TV shows left Joel obsessed with editing.

Darren Manning

International Brand Manager

After a highly successful career in marketing Darren joined our boutique team because he wanted to have a truly meaningful impact.

What Makes Us Different

It's all about process. We use the same methodology used to create world leading documentaries, backed with academic research in the science of storytelling.

Character research and story development are everyday practice for us, so it's not unusual to have multiple in-depth pre-interviews because finding authentic people with engaging stories is the key to emotional connection. 

We believe that collaboration is the greatest asset in creating powerful content because we're driven by our desire to positively impact those around us. Being active in our screen community means we have a broad network of national and international filmmakers who are all experts in storytelling with a wide range of creative expertise.

Our Films win awards, ignite emotions and evoke action.

We Work Direct to Brand and Crew For Hire.

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