Client My Pathway

Produced by Pluggas

Project Brief

Doomadgee women look beyond themselves, rekindling a sense of purpose by helping Papua New Guinean women in extreme poverty.

An inspiring story from the heart of outback Australia took us to Papua New Guinea and back again, following the journey of one incredibly selfless woman on a mission to help others. 

Creating a short form documentary we moved heaven and earth, chartering a plane to Saibai island, the most northern point of Australia, and creating our very own official border cross with immigration and customs to cross into PNG.

Originally a corporate documentary, we facilitated the sale to Australian Broadcaster SBS to give the film a wider audience and still retained the clients IP for their own use online and publicly.

Incredibly well received in national and international film festivals, winning best short form documentary multiple times.


SBS Free to Air and On Demand


Director: Ivy Staker
Producer: Fisch Rasy
DoP: Braden Dragomir
Cinematographer: Brody McMaster
Audio: Leah Gersteling
Edit: Taylor Leeder
Post Production Audio: Henry Glover
Assistant Producer: Tasha Lawton
Executive Producers: Patrick Moreau, Yolonde Entsch

The Pluggas team were instrumental in assisting us to tell a compelling story about women connecting with local and global communities and their culture. They helped us create an authentic film that shares a journey of empowerment for women in one of Australia’s most remote communities.

We have been able to produce a documentary of significant cultural importance to Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Paul Synnott
CEO | My Pathway

Behind The Scenes



Director & Cinematographer, Fisch Rasy's love of storytelling inspires him to create powerful films. Sometimes dad duties spill over onto onset, where he's been known to give the kids a real hands on experience...

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