You want to set up a business and market it. The first likely thing on your mind is how to create a Facebook following. It’s no secret that Facebook is the biggest social media platform. If you want to build a digital marketing strategy that works, you need to get more likes on your Facebook page.

There’s actually no magical number as to how many likes your business’ Facebook page is supposed to have. But whether you’re still starting off or you’ve had a Facebook page, you want to make sure that your reach is growing.

More important than the current number of likes you have is the number of new likes you get on a regular basis. You might just have 200 likes today. But if you gain fifty more every week, you’ll be at a thousand in three to four months. How can business owners and marketers grow their business following? Here are five simple ways that local businesses can get more likes on Facebook.

1. Create an Offer

An offer is something that provides value to people. It can be anything from a discount on your products or services to freebies to an event. Offers are addicting. They get people hooked on to what you have to say. Give an offer and it will become a lot easier to ask them to take a call to action such as like your page. Think of promos and free things you can give out. For example, if you’re a kitchen supplies shop, give out free recipe ebooks in exchange for people to like your page.

2. Set Aside Money For Sponsored Ads

Facebook Ads

The most obvious way to gain more likes on Facebook is to boost a promotion. If your goal is to grow your following then you want your materials to be seen. But boosting posts is just half the battle. You want your message to stick as well. I talk about that a bit more in this post. Check it out if you have the chance.

3. Consistently Push Out Content

The name of the game on social is content. People are out to consume content that adds value to them. Valuable content is that which educates, entertains or intrigues people. When you push out content, you increase the shareability of your page allowing new audiences to see your business on social.

4. Engage With Your Audience

Engaging your audience doesn’t just help you take care of your existing following. It also helps you grow your following as well. When you talk to your existing audience, you increase the chance of having them tell their other friends and contacts about you. In fact, as you engage with your following, you can even ask them to share your content with friends who will find value in your content too.

5. Reach Out To Communities

You can reach people one by one and play an addition game or you can reach communities and play the multiplication game. Humans are very tribal in nature. If you can spot communities and groups and get your message into that circle, you can gain a bigger following. One effective way to reach out to communities online is to join Facebook groups, Quora threads or other online conversations.

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Kiko Mabilog

Kiko is the Marketing Manager for Pluggas. He started Marketing early on and has consulted with various businesses in many industries including tourism, technology, banking, consumer goods, BPO and B2B. His skills include graphic design, web strategy, social media and business development.

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